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The Candlemaker's Companion

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The Candlemaker?s Companion
A Comprehensive Guide to Rolling, Pouring, Dipping and Decorating Your Own Candles
Completely Revised and Updated!
by Betty Oppenheimer
199 pages, 8" x 8"; Paperback.
Step-by-step guide to making handcrafted candles at a fraction of their specialty-store cost.
Create exquisite, handcrafted candles at home with this comprehensive guide!
From wax to wick to wrapping, the magical glow of a handmade candle is now easier to create than ever before. With illustrated step by step instructions, THE CANDLEMAKER'S COMPANION shows you how to:
Create rolled, poured, molded and dipped candles!
Scent, color, and decorate candles----Naturally!!
Make inovative containers, holders, and gift packaging!
Create luminaria, lanterns, and floating candles!
Use speciality techniques like overdipping, painting, layering, and sculpting!
We'd Love Your Thoughts...
"This book really does a great job in presenting candlemaking to the common person off the street."
----Dan Junkins, Museum Associate
Yankee Candle Company

"Wonderful, informative, and inspiring. Lovely graphics, the progression of information was genius!"

- Nancie C., Berlin, MD

"This book was exactly what I was looking for. It has very important information, tips and ideas that I have never seen or heard of before. Most candle books I've seen have been redundant, but your book broke the mold!"

- S.C., Bentonville, AZ

"Excellent book. I liked the spiritual comments laced throughout your book. The purple tone is nice. I have 400 pounds of glycerin, ten 40-pound buckets. Do you have any books or recommendations on glycerin candles & soaps? Especially using glycerin in candlemaking. Can you help? My father and brother make soaps, I?ve decided to do it also."

- Kurt W., Kellogg, ID

"Good book -- Just what I needed to get started after thinking about it for so long. It worked."

- K.S., (hometown unknown)
"I learned more from this book than I did in the $69.00 candle making class I took!"

- Barbara S., San Pedro, CA

"The most complete guide I have seen with all the recipes we need. Beautiful design. Congratulations!!! You did the best! Please! More candle making books with ideas like this!"
- M Baetriz N., Brazil

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