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Propolis - Raw Course Grain

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Raw Course Propolis - Washed and Filtered with some foreign organic materials possibly present.
This substance has been used throughout many centuries for its natural antibiotic capabilities. Propolis is still able to effectively combat bacterial strains which have become resistant to modern synthetic antibiotics.
The bee is the only insect ever to have been found to be bacteria free, due to the action of the propolis.
Propolis has no known side effects. It boosts the immune system while fighting invaders, something prescription antibiotics cannot do.
It also has demonstrated a remarkable ability to disable viruses. When prescription antibiotics must be used, propolis has proven to boost the effectiveness of the prescription, while strengthening the body and drastically reducing recovery times. Propolis is given to patients in Russia before and after surgery to aid in healing and prevent infection, and to boost energy levels during the recovery process.
It is often mixed with garlic to make a powerful infection fighter, killing viruses and bacterial invaders without harming the beneficial bacteria needed by the body to function properly.

The bioflavanoids in propolis make it a superb anti-inflammatory. It also enables it to be so effective in boosting the body. Propolis is very useful in treating allergies, ulcers, skin ailments (internal and external use), cancer, infections of all sorts, colds, flu, bronchitis, ear problems, gum disease, headaches, acne, sunburn, respiratory problems, fatigue, sore throats, skin diseases, and even Parkinson's disease, according to extensive European studies.

Propolis is a safe diet supplement, producing no negative side effects, and taken regularly can actually create a positive reaction to almost any disease.
In today's world where antibiotics are routinely over-prescribed, this bee product can be your very best first line of defense against illness and chronic disease.

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