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Ivory Refined Beeswax

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Pure Beeswax filtered to Ivory White in color! Naturally using no chemicals keeps this beeswax pure!!!Our beeswax comes directly from the beekeeper. It is then separated and graded according to color. We only use a natural filtration process to clean the beeswax. We do not chemically bleach our white beeswax. Our White beeswax consists of the lightest grades of crude beeswax which are blended together and filtered to achieve the natural white color. Color may vary form lot to lot. This beeswax is filtered to1 micron.
Add color or scents to this beeswax and expect to have the results wanted in the beeswax.
While beeswax is an often used ingredient in homemade, custom wax polishes, it is also an excellent, light lubricant for wooden moving parts such as drawer slides or wooden bench screws. Screws lubricated with beeswax drive easier in hard woods, and beeswax will not attract or hold moisture!

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