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2015 Honeybees - 3 lb Pkg - SOLD OUT

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Package Bees
Package BeesBase Brood UnitBrood Box Kit
Price: $122.00
Item Number: bees3
Must be picked up in Buchanan MI
tax free

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Package bees are used to start new colonies or to replace colonies lost over winter.

Hint: We advise that you try to get your packages on the early load, if possible. The extra 3 weeks of development time can make a big difference in your honey production. Don't worry about installing packaged bees in cold weather. They'll do fine as long as they have a ready source of sugar syrup for feed.
Note 1: You MUST pick up your bees at Blossomland in Buchanan, MI. We will be open from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. and bees must be picked up during these hours. If you can't pickup bees from Blossomland, give us a call, we can often direct you to a source near you. Picking up a bees is always a better option than having them shipped through the mail.
Note 2: All our bees are medicated for mites before they leave from Georgia.
Note 3: Our bee packages contain approximately 3,500 bees per pound.
Note 4: Beekeeping is a form of agriculture, and as such, is subject to the whims of Mother Nature. We suggest you plan accordingly and if there is a change in delivery dates we will contact you.
Starter hints for you!
Bee hives ideally should be in such a condition that the bees are content and “happy.” A good location is where they are in full sun the whole day. Bees in the shade tend to be more aggressive.
The hives should be dry and the bottom boards should slope forward so that rain water can run out the front. Hive stands help elevate the bees off the ground.
This makes it easier to keep the hives dry by letting air circulate under the bottom board. Placing the hives 4-6 inches off the ground also makes it less likely that weeds or grass will obstruct the entrance.

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