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Beekeeper and Queen Bee
Phil & Kathie Hempel
311 W. Front Street
Buchanan, MI 49107
Telephone: (269) 695-2310
Fax: (269) 695-2510


Here at Blossomland we have much ‘new’ just around the corner of 2015 and so we are taking this opportunity to introduce our new Belle Coeur Product Line.

How could a beekeeper and a writer not want to read a book called Ink and Honey? We enjoyed this mesmerizing book so much, with its theme of awe intertwined with struggle and the wonderful love of nature it depicts, so well that Kathie went to work with its author Sibyl Dana Reynolds.

To us products, organic and derived from the byproducts of the honey bee’s hard work, seemed a natural progression of this new collaboration. The line includes honey (of course) bottled in both hex and muth jars, wonderfully fragrant soaps (non-scented also available) and a variety of 100% beeswax candles. We hope you will enjoy them.

For those who are as intrigued as we were by the title and who enjoy historical fiction, we are selling copies of the award winning Ink and Honey on our site for your convenience.

We continue to proudly live up to our slogan:
"Everything from our hives to your home."

We Personally Recommend These Products

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Belle Coeur Beeswax Pillar Candles
Price: Starting at $14.99
Belle Coeur Beeswax Pillar Candles
Beeswax Candles (All Candlewraps feature Belle Coeur Cross and quote, sinew tie with charm)
Set of Two Class Reservations for 2015
Price: $75.00
Set of Two Class Reservations for 2015
Both Bee-ginners Class and one Next Step Class package
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