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Beekeeper and Queen Bee
Phil & Kathie Hempel
311 W. Front Street
Buchanan, MI 49107
Telephone: (269) 695-2310
Fax: (269) 695-2510
Welcome to Blossomland Bee Supply!

Welcome to Blossomland Bee Supply’s web store.

With bees installed for spring, we still have much of the equipment and necessities to keep your bees thriving and healthy. For most of the area, we suggest the treatment for the Nosema using Fumagilin-B. Fumagilin-B combats Nosema, a debilitating disease of adult honey bees worldwide. The active ingredient in Fumagilin-B is fumagilin, the only compound completely effective against Nosema without harming colonies.

The feeding of pollen patty now will give the protein needed for brood production in the late winter early spring. Pollen is the protein and honey the carbohydrate. Pollen reserves from the previous year are not guaranteed to be present, and inclement weather can cause delays in gathering new pollen, even once it is available naturally. Don't take it for granted that your bees have plenty of pollen. Play it safe and feed a cake or patty of pollen substitute and avoid the intermittent brood rearing which stresses the colony. Our pollen patties contain the essential oil stimulant to encourage the honey bees to be more active and productive.

Another issue is moisture in the hive. A clean dry bottom board (or the use of a screened bottom board) and good ventilation will greatly aid in the honeybees being able to continue the brood build up for a healthy brood nest in the fall.  

We have also available the first of the 2014 crop of pure honey. Locally produced and harvested here in Southwest Michigan, we offer pure and unprocessed honey - basically raw. As much like the honey in the comb without the wax.

Blossomland Bee Supply offers hive management and consulting for beekeepers throughout the SW Michigan & NW Indiana area. For hands-on help, Blossomland offers beehive management consulting throughout the SW Michigan area.  If you've got a horizontal top bar hive, Warre hive, Langstroth hive or anything in between, we can help. Schedule an appointment and Phil will personally visit your hive(s) and assist with anything you may need.

$85 for the first hour

$35 for each additional hour

Additional charges may apply for locations more than 20 miles from Buchanan, MI.


We continue to proudly live up to our slogan:
"Everything from our hives to your home."

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Bee-ginners' Beekeeping Class
Price: $45.00
Bee-ginners' Beekeeping Class
Blossomland Bee Supply is offering again a beekeeping course 101 that will provide beginners with enough knowledge and assistance to assemble a beehive, populate it with bees and safely manage the hive.
2014 & 2015 Next Step in Beekeeping Class
Price: $45.00
2014 & 2015 Next Step in Beekeeping Class
Blossomland Bee Supply is offering an Intermediate Beekeeping Course. This class is designed for the individual who has basic beekeeping knowledge.
9 5/8” 10 Frame Hive Body - Wood Frames
Suggested Retail: $109.99
Price: $99.99
You Save: $10.00
9 5/8” 10 Frame Hive Body - Wood Frames
9 5/8” 10 Frame Hive Body - Wood Frames
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