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HopGaurd II

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Item Number: dc301

HopGuard II™ treatment (12 strips) pack

The Varroa Mite:

  • Reduces hive health, increases susceptibility to other bee diseases
  • Transmits disease from bee to bee... hive to hive
  • Reduces winter survivability
  • Has developed resistance to many existing control agents

Hopguard Properties

  • Composed entirely of food grade products
  • No negative effects on normal hive activity
  • Bee and brood tolerance
  • Acceptable for queen breeders with no negative effects on egg laying

HopGuard™ Usage

  • Saturated cardboard strip hung between frames at the rate of 2 strips per 10 frames
  • Most effective when used during pre-pollination period (before sealed brood), mid-summer, and at the onset of winter brood development
  • HopGuard is safe for the environment, easy to use and is safe for both the bee and the beekeeper!
HopGaurd™ is safe and easy to use! Will not disrupt normal colony behavior!!

A Highly Effective, Natural Varroa Control System

HopGuard II Strips

HopGuard® II, a proven miticide derived from hop compounds, provides the beekeeper with a natural, safe and easy to use alternative to traditional harsh chemical control agents.

  • • Promotes bee health and survivabilyty naturally.
  • • Safe for the bee, the beekeeper, and the environment.
  • • Easy to use.

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