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Honey Frame Chain Uncapper

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Price: $2,499.00
Currently out of stock - backorder approx. 7 to 10 business days
Item Number: huc1700spc


Add Double Drain Tank Model 1800 (+ $400.00)
Add Chain Conveyor Make A Sideliner (+ $3,100.00)
Add 1200-30 Cappings Spinner (+ $4,300.00)
Honey Processing Equipment Made in the USA
The average shipping time is between 2 to 4 weeks.
Maxant made in the USA!! Perfect uncapper for the backyard to the sideliner beekeeper!
Can be optioned with conveyor to speed the process to the extractors!
No Knives, no steam required. Only 10 second per frame. Operates like a pop-up toaster. Done and up—all done! The machine is fast. The motor automatically starts when the frame is hand lowered. Revolving stainless steel chains strip off the wax cap. The machine automatically stops when the frame is raised.
Packed compete in one box. Legs assembled by user.
This uncapper can come with Double Drain Tank
The upper tank has a perforated bottom, which will allow the honey to drain away from the cappings wax.
The honey can be drawn from the lower tank by using the nylon honey gate, which is included.
Chain reels are adjustable.
This a a good setup for most beekeepers!


A conveyor system operated in conjunction with the Chain Uncapper. The motorized conveyor is mounted over a single walled drip tank. The conveyor will hold fifty frames and can be operated from either end.

Uncapper-Spinner Combo

Model 1700 chain uncapper combined with Model 1200-30 spinner. Mounted on rails, the uncapper can be rolled back to clear the spinner for easy removal of dried cappings. This unit solves the most difficult chore of honey processing. Uncap and spin out good cappings/honey quick and fast.

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