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Embossed wax foundation is a thin sheet with the pattern of hexagonal cell bases embossed on each side of it. It is used in frame hive beekeeping to encourage bees to build comb in the way that is most convenient for the beekeeper 

Foundation provides these advantages:

a) it encourages bees to build straight combs within wooden frames. This allows easy and rapid manipulation of honey bee colonies;

b) it saves bees' resources and labor in the construction of combs thereby allowing increased honey production;

c) it facilitates honey extraction since combs in frames can be strengthened by reinforcement with wire.

Colonies provided with foundation are therefore able to develop their nest and commence brood rearing quickly, and can store more surplus honey than colonies given either no foundation or just starter strips of wax. Our sheets are longer to insure they will stay in your frame during extracting
 • Requires no reinforcement.
• Slips easily into a groove top frame.
• Sharper cell edges for quick acceptance.
• Wax moths cannot damage.
• Available with or without a 100% beeswax coating.
• Deeper cell depth with highest definition.
• Textured cell interior.
• Heavy weight plastic holds up to extracting.
The 9 5/8" Hive Bodies use 9 1/8" Frames and 8 1/2" Foundation
The 6 5/8" Hive Bodies use 6 1/4" Frames and  5 5/8" Foundation
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