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Honey Bee Feeders

Feeding your bees sugar syrup can prevent starvation and stimulate the laying of eggs. Each feeder has its own special purpose, so choose the feeder that is right for your area and your hive.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Entrance Feeders
  • Division Board Bee Feeders
  • Pail Bee Feeders
  • Hive Top Feeders
Determine the number of hives you need to feed.
Consider the weather conditions in your area. Use inside feeders such as hive top, pail or division boards during the winter and maybe use entrance feeders during the summer.
Determine the costs associated with each type of feeder. Division board or pail and hivetop feeders are a one-time cost that should last for years.
Consider the distance involved in transporting syrup to hives. Syrup can be transported in five gallon jugs and poured into the feeders.
Entrance Feeders
Far superior in both design and function to the old style.
Division Board Feeder
Deep replaces one frame, shallow replaces 2 frames. Both sizes holds 120 oz * Textured inner walls (for traction)
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2 Gallon Bucket Feeders w/screen
Suggested Retail: $11.99
Price: $6.00
You Save: $5.99
2 Gallon Bucket Feeders w/screen
Hivetop bucket feeders 2 gallon
Sucrose Syrup 5 gallon with jug
Suggested Retail: $49.00
Price: $40.00
You Save: $9.00
Sucrose Syrup 5 gallon with jug
5 gallons sugar syrup ready to use includes jug deposit
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