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Division Board Feeder

This feeder holds over a gallon of syrup and only takes the place of one frame in your brood box!
* Both sizes holds 120 oz * Textured inner walls (for traction) * Deep (9 5/8” ) uses 1 frame width * Shallow (6 5/8” ) uses 2 frame widths * All Feeders come with free clips!
* Black Polypropylene
* Made in U.S.A. !
Helps prevent water from entering Feeder
Helps bee to climb out of feeder
Helps prevent comb build-up in Feeder
Reduces bowing & bending of feeder

Deep replaces one frame, shallow replaces 2 frames. Textured inner walls. Constructed with heavy-duty walls and ears, this is the most rugged feeder around!
The interior walls are grooved to allow the bees to "climb" in and out reducing bee loss. Rain shields are built-in to prevent water from entering the hive when using a migratory cover.
Simply The Best Feeder On The Market Today!
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Sucrose Syrup 5 gallon with jug
Suggested Retail: $49.00
Price: $40.00
You Save: $9.00
Sucrose Syrup 5 gallon with jug
5 gallons sugar syrup ready to use includes jug deposit
Division Board Feeder
Price: Starting at $7.55
Division Board Feeder
Division Board Feeder
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