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Bee Safe Insect Repellent

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Bee Safe is Safe enough to spray your picnic table.
8 oz Bee Safe is an environmental safe insect repellent. Developed primarily to help provide safety and comfort for humans, without causing harm to pets or the environment.
Bee Safe helps to protect you from bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, ground wasps, black flies, mosquitoes and most flying insects.
Bee Safe is made from natural ingredients in an herbal base, with different aromas that are pleasant to the sense of smell.
The crystal clear Bee Safe solution is not harmful to plant or animal life, but certain insects are susceptible to its effects. When the insect breathes the sprayed particles from Bee Safe, the insect's respiratory system is disrupted. Instinctively, the insect senses danger and flies away. Since bees, wasps and yellow jackets are social insects, they have a unique communication system. The insect communicates the danger to other insects and they stay away. The effective duration of the spray is dictated by weather conditions - wind and rain.

How do you use Bee Safe?
• Safe to use on skin. Spray directly on to your skin and/or clothing. Spray any area that you wish to repel insects, e.g. your picnic table, play area, swing set, around your entrance door or spray directly at the insect(s).
• Repeated spraying depends on weather conditions, and the aggressiveness of the insects.
• The natural components by themselves are ineffective and must be combined for its synergistic effect.


"Bee Safe" works well and smells good too! And it even repels mosquitoes for an added bonus."
Dr. David Colannino. Greenville, Rhode Island

"I used some of your Bee Safe insect repellent on the holes and area around the insect holes because it was safe for animals. I never saw the wasps return to their nests or attempt to build any more nests in the area." Richard A. Dutch, Foster, Rhode Island

"If you think Bee Safe is good for bees, you can also put it on clothes and skin to keep away mosquitoes. It worked for me." Evelyn Deering, Warwick. Rhode Island
Active ingredient: Peppermint oil
Inert ingredients: water,acetic acid, calcium carbonate,sodium chloride,wintergreen oil,citric acid,dextrin, lecithin and carrageenan.

This product is not allowed to ship to the State of Florida.

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