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Bee Pollen Granules

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Bee Pollen Granules: We carry only whole dried granules. Because of this we have full confidence of the product being completely bee pollen. The granules are formed on bees legs as they collect it from the flowers. When the bees enter their hive they pass thru a pollen screen which scraps the pollen off of their legs. Bee keepers are careful to limit the use of the screens so that the bees have plenty of pollen to eat for themselves. Pollen is a complete food and along with a little honey provides the bees total diet.

Purity: Bee Pollen Powder is typically a blend of Bee Pollen and Human Harvested Pollen powder. Many tablets are made from this blend. Human Harvested Pollen Powder does not have the nutritional benefits of Bee Pollen as the Bees impart enzymes into the pollen which changes the protein into free amino acids which are directly assimilated by the human body. It is very important to watch labels closely, many labels state they contain bee pollen (this could mean less than 1% bee pollen) with the balance being human harvested pollen.  People with allergies to pollen generally are not allergic to bee pollen.

Moisture: Our product is dried until it is very dry. Our Bee Pollen keeps better than high moisture Bee Pollen. Due to its low moisture levels - bacteria, molds and oxidation do not develop as they can in high moisture products typically sold elsewhere. High moisture product containing 10% more moisture should cost ten percent less in comparison to ours. Ours is dried at low temperatures to retain its full nutritional value. 

Nutritional Benefits: Bee Pollen contains around 50% Protein much of which is in the form of free amino acids. It is also high in the B Complex Vitamins and enzymes.

Use: All natural low temperature dried honey bee pollen granules with no additives of any kind. High in protein and the B-complex vitamins. These bee pollen granules have been dried to a very dry state to maintain full nutritional value. The color varies by flower type. Typically the darker the color the stronger the flavor. Flavor can vary between sweet to very strong. Granules can be sprinkled on salads for added flavor. It is best to mix into foods after cooking as enzymes are destroyed by heat.

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