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Beekeeping Seminars and Classes

Blossomland Bee Supply offers hive management and consulting for beekeepers throughout the SW Michigan & NW Indiana area. For hands-on help, Blossomland offers beehive management consulting throughout the SW Michigan area.  If you've got a horizontal top bar hive, Warre hive, Langstroth hive or anything in between, we can help. Schedule an appointment and Phil will personally visit your hive(s) and assist with anything you may need.

$85 for the first hour

$35 for each additional hour

Additional charges may apply for locations more than 20 miles from Buchanan, MI.

Registration for the scheduled Blossomland Beekeeping Seminars and Classes.
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Bee-ginners' Beekeeping Class
Price: $45.00
Bee-ginners' Beekeeping Class
Blossomland Bee Supply is offering again a beekeeping course 101 that will provide beginners with enough knowledge and assistance to assemble a beehive, populate it with bees and safely manage the hive.
2014 & 2015 Next Step in Beekeeping Class
Price: $45.00
2014 & 2015 Next Step in Beekeeping Class
Blossomland Bee Supply is offering an Intermediate Beekeeping Course. This class is designed for the individual who has basic beekeeping knowledge.
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