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1 lb Pollen Patties

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Now our pollen patties are even better with the addition of Pro-Len and Pro Health. Pro-len as a feed stimulant, increases palatability, consumption and nutritional value while being the "roughage" that scrubs the digestive tract on the way through. Pro Health is a digestive health aide that also encourages increased consumption of patties and medicated feeds. If you are looking for faster consumption and maximum nutritional value, this is the way to go! Beekeepers have run our patties side by side with the other guys 15% pollen patties and found consumption rates of our patties to be similar or up to 30% greater without the risks of natural pollen! Up to 30% higher! Overall brood production increased by 1 1/2 to 3 frames of brood more than control hives! Why spend more with the other guy when you can save money and build up better bees. We've added Pro Health to our Bee-Pro®Patties+ so your bees will get the best nutrition. Each patty is approximately 1 lb (453.59g).

CheckboxReady to feed

CheckboxBalanced nutrition

CheckboxNo mixing no mess

CheckboxNot weather dependent

CheckboxConvenient, go from box to hive in seconds

CheckboxEarly brood production

CheckboxEach patty is approx. 1 lb. (453.59g)

CheckboxIncreased bee populations

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