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Shhh! Don’t say a word but we saw snow melting and the sun shining here in SW Michigan today. At Blossomland that can only mean one thing:

NOW is the time to order your Honeybees.
Order Here!

It is our experience that March and the sun mean orders for our honeybees begin to come in fast and furious. Half of our initial delivery date is already sold out. Honeybees will be delivered for pickup on April 25 and 29 and it is imperative to get your order in before it is too late. Act quickly.

Perhaps you have been thinking about taking up beekeeping as a hobby this year? There is still time to sign up for both beginner and intermediate beekeeping classes. It is easy to do. Just click on our beekeeping link to check out times and dates.

Need equipment? Not to worry. We have beginner beekeeper’s startup kits, boxes, frames and foundation, hive tools, beekeeping suits and jackets, veils, queen excluders: everything you need including our new and improved screened bottom board. It is hard to improve on the one we have sold for years but our new bottom board is even sturdier and is designed to hold the entrance reducer firmly in place.

Again, this is our busiest season so order early to be ready for when the honeybees arrive.

We look forward to serving you again in this our 19th year online.

Don’t be disappointed!

Order Your Honeybees NOW!
Order Here!

We continue to proudly live up to our slogan:
"Everything from our hives to your home."

We Personally Recommend These Products

Screened Bottom Board Deluxe
Suggested Retail: $26.99
Price: $24.99
You Save: $2.00
Screened Bottom Board Deluxe
Package Bees
2015 Honeybees - 3 lb Pkg - with Marked Queen
Price: $122.00
2015 Honeybees - 3 lb Pkg - with Marked Queen
Package bees are used to start new colonies or to replace colonies lost over winter. Please call for further details.
tax free
Bee-ginners' Beekeeping Class
Price: $45.00
Bee-ginners' Beekeeping Class
Blossomland Bee Supply is offering again a beekeeping course 101 that will provide beginners with enough knowledge and assistance to assemble a beehive, populate it with bees and safely manage the hive.

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