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Beekeeper and Queen Bee
Phil & Kathie Hempel
311 W. Front Street
Buchanan, MI 49107
Telephone: (269) 695-2310




It has been 19 years since Blossomland Bee Supply first opened the doors of its online storefront. We are proud of the friends we have made and the beekeepers we have both taught and supplied with their equipment.


Seasons effect not only the bees but our human endeavors as well. We are not completely going away, but in our semi-retirement years, we are changing focus.


For a while now, as some of you know we have wanted to concentrate more on the teaching and consulting end of our business and within just a couple of weeks we will be introducing at long last our Blossomland U where you will be able to sign in for classes either to be held LIVE online or at our home. It is our hope to have a community of beekeepers from various areas for you to interact with. In addition we will host Hiveside Chats with commercial beekeepers and those with expertise in different functions of beekeeping like Queen rearing, hive splits, top-bar hives, building your own equipment etc.


We will be offering opportunities for garden clubs and school classrooms to learn about the importance of beekeeping and what they can do to help save our bees. Watch for the launch of Blossomland U announcement soon!


And we will not leave you totally without equipment resources for those things we have supplied you with over the years. Watch for our affiliate list for every category when Blossomland U launches.


But for now the hard inventory must go. We have beekeeping supplies including used boxes, protective clothing and other items at greatly reduced prices. Candle and soap makers will want to check out our books, molds, wicking, wax and miscellaneous items. The link to Clearance Sale Price lists are below.


We look forward to continuing the beekeeping conversation with you.


Phil and Kathie Hempel

Saving the bees through education and the art of beekeeping! 

WATCH for our 2016 Honeybees Referral Lists Soon To Be Available on Blossomland U

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Beekeeping Equipment Clearance List
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Beekeeping Equipment Clearance List
Used Maxant 300 lb Honey Bottler System
Suggested Retail: $2,265.95
Price: $1,499 or Make an Offer
Used Maxant 300 lb Honey Bottler System
Minimally Used Maxant 660-3 fully loaded honey bottler. In excellent shape. Stand with wheels included at no charge. GREAT DEAL! EXCELLENT PRICE1


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