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Beekeeper and Queen Bee
Phil & Kathie Hempel
311 W. Front Street
Buchanan, MI 49107
Telephone: (269) 695-2310
Fax: (269) 695-2510


For those of you helping us in ‘resurrecting’ the bees, whether you need deeps or medium supers complete with frames and foundations or our 10-frame Starter Hive Body Kit for the season or to prepare for overwintering your bees in the Fall, or protected clothing like our hooded veil beekeeping suits, jackets or gloves order now.

For those thinking of becoming a beekeeper or wanting to increase their skill we are also including our complete offering of beekeeping classes including our combo of any two classes.

Should you run into any problem checking out with PayPal, simply leave your order in the cart and send us an email. We will send you a direct invoice for whatever is in your open cart.


We continue to proudly live up to our slogan:
"Everything from our hives to your home."

We Personally Recommend These Products

10 Frame 9 5/8 Hive Body Kit
Suggested Retail: $59.99
Price: $50.99
You Save: $9.00
10 Frame 9 5/8 Hive Body Kit
Sucrose Syrup 5 gallon with jug
Price: $49.00
Sucrose Syrup 5 gallon with jug
5 gallons sugar syrup ready to use includes jug deposit
What DId I Get Myself Into Class!
Price: $45.00
What DId I Get Myself Into Class!
Class for the new beekeeper who just started beekeeping and the bees are building up.

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